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April 30 – May 3, 2018 | Boston


More Than a Pretty Package

Nielsen Honors Package Redesigns That Impact Bottom Lines Package design often doesn’t get the respect it deserves compared to other marketing tactics. It’s certainly not the “newest new” thing, and its value is notoriously difficult to quantify. That said, effective package design does deliver real, measurable business impact. That’s why we created the Nielsen Design…

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What’s Your Professional Value?

This is a great time to be a creative professional. Companies and organizations of all types need a wide range of creative content—to sell products and services, to teach and train people, and to tell stories and promote ideas and causes. The tools are more powerful than ever, and the internet has broken down distribution barriers and given everyone a global…

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The Importance of Partnerships

We tend to romanticize the mythology of the solo creative genius. We imagine someone like Beethoven or Leonardo DaVinci laboring in solitude, alone with their inspiration and their art. But Beethoven was supported by an influential patron, who himself was an accomplished musician. And DaVinci was a polymath, who drew upon the output of other…

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